Libraries around the world are making customer experience a main focal point for their internal process strategies. All too often library communications with their customers are disjointed and can even get totally lost.

However, developing a strategy is not enough. The proper tools need to be put in place and that are easily used by the library staff to support the customer experience strategy.

Communication is at the heart of a successful customer experience. So a communications hub is critical in providing a successful customer experience. A common problem happening today is when a library communicates with a customer that is not natural for the customer. For instance, the library is communicating with all customers using Social Media. But, many customers prefer a phone call or an SMS. If the library is unable to successfully communicate a change in an event schedule, then the customer is left with a feeling of not being important to the library staff.

To have a successful customer experience strategy, a robust communications service must be implemented.

Library Engagement Hub provides the ability to communicate to customers in the way the customer demands. The cloud-based communications service offers outstanding value to the community and the library by communicating only the specific library services each individual patron selected and via the communication delivery method preferred by the customer.

By leveraging mobility and web application technology, key results are increased in the critical areas of Library Service Awareness, Community Feedback, and user engagement with the library.

Library Communications Services

The Library Engagement Hub has a subscription management system. This service allows customers to manage all aspects of the information and communications – from the library to them.

  • With the subscription management system, the library can present a comprehensive list of all the information and services provided and allow the customer to choose just what information they want to know.
  • The customers can opt-in as well as opt-out of whichever service interested them at the time, without automatically opting out of everything if they lose interest in one service.

Select communication methods

Not only can the customer choose from your selection of services, but they can also select the method of contact from standard email to SMS or Text to speech voice messages. The messaging system allows you to send a message via one or all of these types, as well as simultaneously post to Twitter or Facebook.

You choose what methods you want to use and let your customer select their preferences.

Community Feedback through Surveys

To get feedback on an event, the library needs to target just those who attended that specific event to complete a survey. Surveys can also be used on general topics for the improvement of library services for their customers.

The Survey component in the Library Engagement Hub is fully integrated and also works with external survey systems.

Library Event Management System

The event management system is able to communicate seamlessly with the customers to increase attendees for an event using the attendee pre-confirmation feature. It can also:

  • Leverage automated waiting lists, registration, and cancellation deadline controls, etc.
  • Allow attendees to include guests; you can even ask their age & name, in case the event has a minimum age, etc
  • With just one click, reach all attendees of a specific event

Library Communications as a Service

By leveraging mobile communications, landlines, and using web application technology, the result is increased Library Service Awareness, Community Feedback, and customer engagement. In this way, the customer experience is greatly improved and services become more valuable to the community.

Use Library Engagement Hub to communicate with your customers in a way the customer prefers. Offer outstanding value to your community by knowing the specific library services each individual member needs and wants. Contact us to learn more about how you can meet the challenge your library is facing today.