Community Feedback

Our Community Feedback system enables private and public surveys


Community Feedback through Surveys and Suggestions from the Community


Never before have libraries had the ability to:

Target just those who attended an event to complete a survey specific to an event

Choose to create surveys that are selective (as per point a) above)  or make them available generally

While our Survey component has clear advantages & differentiators, as well as being fully integrated within the LEH environment, LEH also works with external survey systems

Library survey system

Event Service comparison
answer library survey

How our Community Feedback system works

Our Community Feedback system has many unique features over common survey products, including:

Set up public or private surveys:

  • Public surveys allow you to invite all members to participate (Eg a general customer satisfaction survey, etc.
  • Private surveys allow you to apply a survey to specific group. Eg just those who attended a specific event; just those who opted in to receiving New Monthly Titles, etc.

Send messages to customized groups of customers re a survey to encourage them to participate – they can access the survey via an email or SMS communication.

The system limits one customer to a single survey submission.

You can download survey reports for the statistics and responses.

Close the survey on a custom date.


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