Library Event Management

Our Event Management System is an Optional module that is completely integrated with our Library Engagement Hub 

the Why

Library Event Management System

Have you ever been faced with this situation?

At the last minute an event is cancelled where 25 people registered for it via their Email, 17 via their cell/mobile phone number and 5 via their landline number.

With the LEH Event Management System, just one click reaches them all! It is that easy.

Event Service comparison

Never before have libraries had the ability to:

‘Sure up’ numbers attending an event using the attendee pre-confirmation feature

Leverage automated waiting lists, registration & cancellation deadline controls etc

Allow attendees to include guest; you can even ask their age & name, in case the event has a minimum age etc

With just one click, reach all attendees of a specific event, without the need for you having to perform data extracts


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