Overview of Our Library Engagement Hub

One-stop shop to manage ALL types of customer communications & customer preferences – for all your business service


Library Engagement Hub (LEH)

For the first time ever, businesses can consolidate the many systems they currently need to communicate with their customers

Library Engagement Hub (LEH) includes the most advanced: subscription management, event management, customer contact management and survey management services available on the market.

Businesses can measure, using live customer-preference data, the effectiveness of each service they offer.

Tailor your customer communications to match exactly what the customer wants & via the contact method they want to receive it.

Allow your customers, at any time, to opt in to services that interest them; and opt out when it suits them.

Why Library Communications Hub
Library Borrower Notices

Active Borrower Notices

Provide a fully-featured SMS to each library customer, without needing to do anything

Use SMS borrower reminders as a ‘soft’ promotional tool

Fully integrate a SMS borrower reminders into their own Library Engagement Hub

Library Services

Services Awareness

Measure which services are sought or NOT sought by library customers

Automatically welcome new customers & introduce them to all the services the library offers

Have customers specifically select library services that interest them

Reach specific groups of customers who only want info that exactly matches their interests

Send important messages specific to their interests

Allow the community to suggest new ideas to the library.  If the library likes the idea, it can decide to determine the appetite for the idea from the community

Library Events


‘Sure up’ numbers attending an event using the attendee pre-confirmation feature

Leverage automated waiting lists, registration & cancellation deadline controls etc

Allow attendees to include guest; you can even ask their age & name, in case the event has a minimum age etc

With just one click, reach all attendees of a specific event, without the need for you having to perform data extracts

For example: if at the last minute an event is cancelled where 25 people registered for it via their Email,  17 via their cell/mobile phone number and 5 via their landline number; just one click reaches them all…

Library members Feedback

Community Feedback

Target just those who attended an event to complete a survey specific to an event

Choose to create surveys that are selective (as per point a) above)  or make them available generally

While our Survey component has clear advantages & differentiators, as well as being fully integrated within the LEH environment, LEH also works with external survey systems


What We Offer

Our Library Services Management System is the most advanced on the market.

Your customers manage all aspects of the notices and communications from your library specifically for them and their individual needs


Customers choose just the information they want.

  • Many businesses now provide a range of services, and getting clients the information they need without driving them away is a major challenge.
  • With our subscription management system, you can present a comprehensive list of all the information and services you provide and allow the customer to choose just what information they want to know, they might find services of yours that they never knew existed.
  • The customers can optin as well as optout of whichever service interested them at the time, without automatically opting out of everything if they lose interest in one service.

Select communication methods

  • Not only can they choose from your selection of services, they can also select the method of contact, from standard email to SMS or Text to speech voice messages. Our messaging system allows you to send a message via one or all of these types, as well as simultaneously post to Twitter or Facebook.
  • You choose what methods you want to use and let your customer select their preference.

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