Why feedback?

An engaged community is a vital asset to any organization. A key part of engagement with any community is asking for feedback. When an organization receives feedback about products, services, and processes, they gain information about how it can continually improve.

The Library Engagement Hub contains a specific module to help Libraries and Local Governments understand the thoughts of their users. This means they can improve their services and provide greater value to their communities. Asking for Community Feedback provides a key opportunity for Libraries.

Your customers are your purpose.

By asking for feedback continually over time, the library gains insight on how it can improve. A library would want to do this to improve events, core services, or other access to specialty groups. When you act on the feedback results, you are implementing a key part of a quality management system. A continuous improvement cycle becomes established. Your customers become more satisfied. Innovative ideas are brought to the fore.

Over the course of time, your people and community become ambassadors for your services and systems, because they know that your Library is thinking about serving them.

Surveys and Suggestions.

A fundamental part of obtaining Community Feedback includes surveys and suggestions. The free Community Feedback module included with the core Library Engagement Hub system includes many features to achieve a greater response rate from the community.

  • Targeted (Private) surveys to selected groups
  • General (Public) surveys to the library community
  • Survey encouragement and reminders
  • Email or SMS channel, based on participant preference
  • Limiting each survey contributor to one survey submission
  • Download reports and statistics about responses

In the 21st century, quality management and customer satisfaction are strongly intertwined with a consultation. Through surveys and suggestions using digital products, the library is empowered to listen. Additionally, it will demonstrate a desire to build trust and stronger relationships with the community. That is certainly a good thing.

Bringing it together.

When Community Feedback is for a purpose of continual improvement, the library is on a strong foundation for success.

The community feedback module is contained in the same cloud system as Library Service Awareness and Event Management, along with our intelligent multi-channel communications platform.

We make it easy to consolidate all of these functions into a single vendor service. Why not get a quote today to allow us to help you configure a successful patron communication service?