My latest phone screen time report was an average of 3 hours 39 minutes per day, down 12% from last week. Depending on usage and how you look at it, the stats can be overwhelming. I was quite happy, using the mobile phone for work, pleasure, and general productivity. Clearly, the pace of digitisation, and mobile first user experience is gathering momentum at the biggest rate in history. People do want to be engaged by organisations, and they want it mobile. Thus, combining the Library Engagement Hub (LEH) with SMS is an extremely powerful combination.

Embedded in the LEH (Library Engagement Hub) system is a powerful messaging engine that allows users to select the method of contact. From email to SMS, and text to speech voice messages, customers can opt-in to receive the information they want, in the channel that suits them. The LEH subscription management system helps libraries engage people. Having a website and email alone do not accomplish this.

SMS is proven to be seen, opened, reviewed and acted upon much faster than email alone. The inherent personalisation of receiving an SMS, draws our attention and triggers action. A true engagement platform needs entrenched access to all major communication channels, especially SMS.

With the LEH borrow notices module, and our integration with your library system, means that is is simple to send a single SMS with full details about items. This includes Reserved, Overdue, Very Overdue, Courtesy reminders, and links to take action such as renew an item. The result is that this mechanism is effective in assisting the library in recovering the items.

Using the SMS borrower notice, the library is also then able to gently market itself and other community services, through the same mobile friendly web landing page.

The Library Engagement Hub helps ensure your library stays relevant to the community that it serves. It includes advanced event management, survey management, subscription management, and communications systems, in one simple interface.

This allows libraries to measure, using live customer preference data, the effectiveness of each service that they offer. Customers are empowered to opt-in to each service that interests them, and opt-out of services that don’t. This makes the Library Engagement Hub (LEH) with SMS is an extremely powerful combination.