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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  29 September 2022

John Hoffman
Halmax Pty Ltd, provider of Library Engagement Hub
p: +1 972 460 6070 (USA) +61 8 8121 6020 (Australia)

Halmax Launches Library Engagement Hub, Enabling Libraries to Personalize All Communications with their Patrons

Library Engagement Hub provides a library the ability to communicate with their patrons in the way the patron demands. The cloud-based communications service offers outstanding value to the community and the library by communicating only the specific library services each individual patron selects and via the communication delivery method preferred by the patron. Halmax has initially launched the Library Engagement Hub in the following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Library Engagement Hub started when a group of tech advocates were discussing the communications needs for the expanded services offered by libraries to the community today. “The explosion of online and mobile resources has created many challenges, and often overlooked opportunities, for libraries in terms of communicating their expanded services to the community” says Dave Hoffman, co-founder of the Library Engagement Hub.


The solution is an inexpensive product that personalizes communications. This empowers libraries to serve their users by sending only communications that they want, in the channel that is effective for them.

By leveraging mobility and web application technology, key results are increased Library Service Awareness, Community Feedback, and user engagement with the library, across a wide breadth of services. As a result, communicating the library’s value to the community has never been easier or more effective.

Simple Online Quote Process

A simple-to-use wizard to get a price quote is available on the Library Engagement Hub’s web site. This allows the library to configure the modules they require and see the complete price in their own country’s currency. Optionally, the requestor can obtain a formal quote to be automatically generated and sent to their email. This makes the creation of a purchase order a seamless internal process.

Free Trial

A free trial is available. During the free trial, the staff at the library will have use of the Library Engagement Hub services before making any financial commitment.

About Halmax Pty Ltd

Library Engagement Hub is a service provided and wholly owned by Halmax Pty Ltd. Halmax is an Australian company focusing on innovative communication products and services, with offices in USA, France, and Australia.