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With Email to Voice, can I send phone messages from my Contacts System, like my CRM, Dispatch, PCS or ERP, such as SalesForce.com or SAP?

Yes. First, ensure that your ‘From’ email address is the same email address that you have setup through Email To Voice. This is by default the email address you used when you subscribed to Email To Voice. However, you can have us assign a different email address as the Authorized Email Address. Just contact us and make that request.

Then just enter an additional email address for your contact with the format, like 5551231234@tts.message-service.org

How can I send a single email to multiple users?

There are five ways to send a message to multiple users in a single email. (But, remember, that you cannot send a single email to multiple users using different communication methods.) Refer to Tips for Email to Voice.

The five ways ways are

1) In the “To” address. Multiple destinations can be sent to by separating them with a “#” (ie, 5551211234#5552211235#5553211236@tts.message-service.org – but remember that the TO field has a limit so probably not more than 3 to 5 destinations work using this method.

2) In the body of the message you can use the “numbers” tag. Refer to page 2 of


3) If you want to send to a pre loaded list, go to the Customer Portal / Manage Personal Lists. Then you can send to the pre-loaded list by using the “lists” tag:

My First List Name
My Second List Name

4) Avoid adding a tag to the content of the email by using this method. The List name (created in the Customer Portal) can be designated in the TO field. This also supports ‘escalation lists’. For example, if a List has been created with the name nightshift, then the TO field would look like this:


4) You can also use a product like Microsoft Power Automate or Zapier, etc

Is there authentication for the emails I send to the EmailToVoice.Net service.?

There are three authentication methods:

1. By default, before the message is sent on to the designated recipients, the sending email address is verified to be the email address that was specified during the subscription process.

2. A Challenge Response is available upon request. Merely contact us and request this to be added to your account. This Challenge Response authentication will be set for all emails sent from your email address in your account. The way it works is once you send the email, the job is saved on our servers until an Authentication email is sent to the subscribed sender user’s email address. You then reply from your subscribed email address to confirm that you initiated the request, and then the job is sent on to the recipients from our servers.

2. You also have the ability to insert an Embedded Password. In this case, the original job request should have the line “Password=xxyyzz” in the body of the email. If this password matches your account password, then the message is sent immediately.

To learn more about the strength and workings of each of these authentication methods, refer to the How Email to Voice works.

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